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- Flake Ice Machine Evaporator



Application: Human consumption ice plant. Port ice plant. Coffee shop, bar, and hotel, etc. Supermarket, convenience store and restaurant, etc. Aquatic products and food fresh preservation. Logistic fresh preservation. Chemicals and concrete projects.

  • During the evaporator design and development, the internal structure is adopted special processing technology in orderto improve the heat conduction efficiency of the innerwall of evaporator and keep the loop unblocked with special technology.
  • HUABAIGAO FUKE ICE MECHINE EVAPORATOR uses the mode of internally-scraping ice-making. The operation principle of the machine is the ice blade scrape on the innerwall of the evaporator when the evaporator itself doesn't move. This mode can reduce the loss of the energy, guarantees the supply of cooling agent as well as lowers the probability of cooling agent leakage.
  • In the field of the material for the evaporator, a special kind of imported alloy is adopted. Its heat conduction performance is superior and conforms to international standards for refrigeration and pressure containers.
  • The water flowing down the innerwall of evap orator flows into the water trough through the water pan at the bottom of evaporator and then into the water tank. The large-area design and structure of water reception pan ensure that no water leaks from leaks from the bottom of ice flake and avoid lumped ice flakes.

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