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- Tube Ice Machine



The ice shape is hallow, and the color is transparent. It’s environmental friendly and has no damage to the appearance of the refrigerated without acute angle. The ice tube length is 25~40mm and the external diameter is φ22 mm, φ29 mm, φ38 mm or design for the clients. It’s suited to storage and transport, and also can be used in different area. It’s no needs to process the ice, clients can use the ice whenever and wherever.

  1. Human consumption ice plant.
  2. Port ice plant.
  3. Coffee shop, bar, and hotel, etc.
  4. Supermarket, convenience store and restaurant, etc.
  5. Aquatic products and food fresh preservation.
  6. Logistic fresh preservation.
  7. Chemicals and concrete projects.

  • Perfect Design
    HUABAIGAO ice machine has module design for simple maintenance on site. The design of HUABAIGAO ice machine makes the arrangement of the equipment parts and the piping routing more suitable forfrequent moving occasion. HUABAIGAO TUBE ICE MACHINE boasts the advantages of compact structure, small area, low production cost, high refrigeration effect and low energy consumption, etc.
  • Health and safety
    Committed to the pursuit of high quality and high sanitary standard, HUABAIGAO ice machine uses the most suitable materials, like stainless steel SUS304, stainless steel SUS316LorPE,forthe evaporator. Our product is sanitary without smell and reach the standard require of international certification.
  • Stable and reliable perfomance, lower failure rate
    Forthe equipment can trouble-free continuous operate, HUABAIGAO ICE MACHINE has low water level, water flow, compressor high-low pressure and oil pressure and other setting to protect the equipment. HUABAIGAO TUBE ICE MACHINE can keep the steady running and stable ice output even in the ambient temperature 5!C~40!C.
  • Automatic control
    PLC is adopted for HUABAIGAO tube ice makerto realize one-key operation. Several sets of large system in parallel connection can be centrally controlled with remote control interface.
    The dimension of the product will change forthe product improvement without prior notice. Specification can be made according to the customers demands!

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