Humac Engineering

- Land Aerator with Weight Frame


Land Aerator with Weight Frame Available Sizes: 3m / 3.2m. Heavy Duty Rotar complete with 50mm Heavy Duty Bearings, 10″ Hardox Blades (machined in house).

  1. In areas of high iron content aerating will unlock it and wash the iron out.
  2. It allows air to reach the roots- making better use of the nutrients.
  3. It improves drainage
  4. It prevents the soil from becoming compacted
  5. It decreases the run-off and prevents the land from becoming water-logged.
  6. It improves surface drainage allowing slurry and rainfall to absorb nutrients faster.
  7. It increases the crop yield increasing the grazing season.
  8. It improves the fertiliser uptake and use therefore reducing fertiliser bills.
  9. It strengthens roots creating a more resilient crop.
  10. It decreases thatch build-up which improves drainage.

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