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Hung Star Enterprise Corp.

- Model H-260 - Paddle Wheel Aerator



Best quality whole round silicon steel plate. Average 3 phase current. Special design for aquaculture and suitable for high temperature.


  1. High density design and combination make the the set agoing currently.
  2. Low drag also make the energy saving.


  1. Trident model with special angle design make strong water flow and high oxygenation performance.
  2. Low maintenance cost and replaceable.
  3. Toughness with corrosion.


  1. Sturdy #SUS304 stainless steel frame ensure duration and without deformation.


  1. All new HDPE material.
  2. One piece blow mold.
  3. Resist impact, acid-alkalinity and UV.


  1. All new HDPE material.
  2. UV resistance.


  1. Specialized field dressing.


  1. Professional designed NYLON shaft or sturdy stainless steel shaft.

PLASTIC BEARING: Nylon material with hard-wearing rubber sleeve to make shaft in good operation.

  • PA COVER, HDPE 1pc
  • Motor (AL 3HP 3ph 4p) 1pc
  • Reducer, #90 15:1 1pc
  • Plastic Bearing, Nylon 2in1 Ø28mm 4pcs
  • Movable Joint,CI Ø28.5 x Ø27.0 green 2pcs
  • Movable Joint, CI Ø27 x Ø27 gray 2pcs
  • SS Shaft,SUS304 Ø27.2 x650mmxt2.5pipe 2pcs
  • SS Shaft,SUS304 Ø27.2 x850mmxt2.5pipe 2pcs
  • Impeller, Trident, Ø27.5mm 6pcs
  • SS Frame, SUS304, 1pcs
  • Floater, HDPE 4pcs
  • Setting bar, 3/4' x 300cm 4pcs
  • Screw set, SUS 1bag

  1. Strong water current and high oxygenation performance, easy maintenance and energy saving.
  2. The complete machinery, from design, select raw material,production to pack are all under strict quality control which will supply you the execellent products of aerator.

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