Huskey Specialty Lubricants

- Monitor Well Drilling Compound



HUSKEY MONITOR WELL DRILLING COMPOUND is a unique synthetic based thread compound designed to meet the objective of monitor well studies and not interfere with the detection of volatile organic chemicals. HUSKEY MONITOR WELL DRILLING COMPOUND is in full compliance with the stringent test specification limits set forth in the environmental protection agency (EPA) list of trace metals and EPA 608, 624 and 625 guidelines.

  • Will not harden or wash out.
  • No dyes or chemicals to interfere with volatile organic testing.
  • 100% synthetic.
  • Contains PTFE to ease makeup and breakout.
  • Free of Petroleum Hydrocarbon.

HUSKEY MONITOR WELL DRILLING COMPOUND provides excellent makeup and breakout for drilling operations, casing and tubing where there can be no organic chemical residue after well completion.

  • 1 gal. Pail
  • 3.5 gal. Pail

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