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Tubular King

Model HWDP - Drill Pipes


The Drill pipes, HWDP, Drill Collars are manufactured conforming to API 5D,API SPEC 7. The material of drill pipe body is up to the 1 &3 group of API 5D.(Group 1---grade E75; Group 3---grade X95,G105,S135 ) The matching tool joints are according to your requirements which are up to API standards.

Advanced friction welding production line of drill pipe

  1. Being applied inertial friction welding technique, to adjust friction welding parameters to the optimum to ensure welding quality.
  2. Being applied high power collector coil to narrow heat-affected area, with coinstantaneous inner-outer heat treatment in a properly pipe’s rotation speed, so as to ensure high even stable mechanical performance of friction welding area.
  3. Being equipped with automatic measuring machine for length and weight, as well as automatically marking machine to ensure the traceability.

Advanced upsetting and thermal treatment line

800T up setters to ensure the size of thickened pipe-end to meet API SPEC-5D requirements. Full length pipe heater, quenching unit and tempering stove to ensure the mechanical property of pipe body. Automatic co-alignment unit with 6 rollers and hydraulic co-alignment for pipe body to ensure straightness and coaxial.

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