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- Guillotine Cutters



Hy-Ram is a UK agent for the Virax range and the ‘exclusive’ UK agent for the Wheeler-Rex range of Pipe Cutting equipment including Guillotine Cutters. Both Guillotines quickly and accurately cut medium and high density PE pipe and have been chosen for their robust, durable design. The Guillotines achieve a straight, square cut with minimal blade wear. Blades are easy to sharpen or replace.

  • Practical, fast opening
  • Maximum wall thickness 18mm
  • Ground Stainless Steel Blade
  • Square drive 14 mm (models 125 and 225) or 17 mm (model 315) across flats.

A wrench or extension can be used for cutting pipes in deep trenches. Releasing the catch on the hinged lower V-shaped jaw allows the cutter to be positioned anywhere along the pipe.

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