Hybrid Concentrator Units


AMCEC Hybrid concentrator units efficiently control medium and large dilute air streams (less than 500 ppmv VOC) at much lower operating costs than conventional methods.AMCEC Hybrid concentrator units cost effectively combine two proven technologies - adsorption and oxidation - to exceed over 95% VOC removal efficiency.

The heart of the Hybrid concentrator is a ceramic honeycomb structured wheel impregnated with activated carbon or zeolite.

The VOC Laden Air (VOCLA) flows through the slowly rotating wheel where the VOC's are retained on the adsorbent.

During the rotation, the wheel passes through a regeneration section where hot air desorbs and concentrates the VOC's to a stream 10 to 20 times smaller than the VOCLA stream.

The concentrated VOC's are sent to a small thermal or catalytic oxidizer for destruction, or to a conventional deep static carbon bed for VOC recovery and payback.

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