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- Hybrid Evaporator



The Hybrid Evaporator can be operated as a pasteurizer or a dryer. In both cases, biosolids are automatically loaded from a storage bin. The biosolids are processed on a batch basis. The Evaporator utilizes a rotor mounted on a stationary drum, both of which are heated using a thermal fluid. The entire assembly is mounted on load cells. When the predetermined final solids content is achieved, the bottom slide gates automatically open, and the end product is conveyed to storage. The entire system is totally closed to minimize odors.


1. The Hybrid Evaporator addresses both vector attraction reduction and pathogens in a single vessel. The process starts by automatically loading biosolids into the heating chamber.

2. If the desired end product solids content is 90% or greater, the biosolids are simply dried.

3. When the desired end product is between 20 - 75% solids, vector attraction is achieved by the addition of a small amount of lime, typically 5%. Pathogens are destroyed through the Class A time and temperature requirements. The end product concentration is then achieved by further heating of the pasteurized solids.

4The load cells allow the operation to be precisely controlled and produce consistent final solids content.

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