Everest Sciences

- Hybrid Indirect Evaporative Cooling Technology


The Everest Cycle is a unique, hybrid indirect evaporative cooling technology which provides a far more cost effective and energy efficient way to cool process air and fluids. With an Everest Sciences system, warm air goes in and cooler comes out, without much energy used in between. We use a combination of indirect evaporation and mechanical chilling or direct evaporation to cool ambient air. These unique psychometrics, are the key to the high value added of the Everest Cycle.

We go beyond traditional cooling technologies. Unlike conventional solutions, our indirect evaporative module does not introduce additional water into cooled process air. Instead, in the indirect evaporative section, evaporation occurs in a secondary air stream, which in turn cools the primary air without the density reduction associated with increased moisture content.

Facility owners have improved cooling choices vs. conventional technology such as evaporative cooling, fogging, or mechanical refrigeration. Using indirect evaporative cooling technology, the Everest Sciences solution provides denser, cooler air than conventional methods, and chills process/inlet air with less electrical parasitic load.

  • The hybrid approach maximizes the effectiveness and efficiency of multiple cooling methods to provide denser air at the lowest parasitic power load possible.
  • Superior proprietary and patented heat exchange cooling process not offered elsewhere.
  • Fully integrated, modular, factory packaged solutions with reduced installation and startup times and costs
  • Industrial grade components for long service with low maintenance
  • Integrated design can include inlet air filtration to work with or replace the existing filter house.
  • PLC based controls with available HMI can be integrated into plant wide distributed control systems.
  • System requires less or even no treated water (de-mineralized/de-ionized) relative to other technologies.
  • Indirect heat exchanger manufacturing from rigid PVC (BVDC) providing long life even with poor water quality
  • High-grade stainless steel construction on all wet surfaces, throughout the Everest Sciences system.
  • Cool, secondary air stream as a byproduct of the indirect evaporative section that is suitable for other plant cooling applications such as lube oil cooling and compartment cooling.
  • Single-source solution provider with technical staff to support product offerings.

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