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The Hydra AF is a fully automated, cold vapor atomic fluorescence analyzer designed to fit your analytical needs and budget. The Hydra AF has been developed to meet all performance and QC requirements of EPA method 245.7. Analytically, this system is capable of detection limits of less than 0.2 ppt and a dynamic range that extends to nearly 100 ppb.

Hydra AF meets the demands of U.S. EPA Method 245.7 and European Standard EN-13506

Features of the Hydra AF:

  • Exceptional Dynamic Range (extends to nearly 250 ppb)
  • Leeman Labs proprietary gas/liquid separator provides exceptional recoveries even for samples that foam during the reduction step
  • Proprietary fluorescence optical cell provides sensitivity
  • High Concentration Protection System
  • High sample throughput for improved productivity and low cost of analysis
  • Maintenance free counter-flow nafion membrane dryer minimizes water vapor-based scatter in the fluorescence cell – giving exceptional detection limits
  • Continuous flow-through rinse minimizes sample carryover, even at ultra-low levels
  • Automatic baseline correction for drift-free analysis
  • Easy access for maintenance and cleaning
  • WinHg software provides ease-of-use and compatibility with other MS Windows applications including Word, Excel, and Access: permits custom report generation and customization, as well as connectivity to most LIMS systems
  • All Hydra instruments include installation, on-site training and a full 1-year warranty

Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry (CVAFS) provides excellent sensitivity, specificity and linearity when used for mercury analysis. Hydra AF is a fully automated atomic fluorescence-based mercury analyzer that provides the ability to measure Hg in concentrations ranging from <0.5 ppt to low ppm levels.

Hydra AF is designed to automate all aspects of the fluorescence-based Hg measurement. Using its on-board 5 channel peristaltic pump and high capacity autosampler, it can process up to 10 standards, 7 check standards and 88 samples in a single unattended run. With this system, predigested sample is pumped together with stannous chloride during the reduction step. The mixture then flows into Hydra’s innovative gas/liquid separator where the analyte vapor then traverses a counter-flow Nafion™ dryer on its way to Hydra’s high sensitivity fluorescence detection system.

Hydra’s gas/liquid separator not only provides high throughput for routine samples, it also provides superior analytical recoveries for complex or poorly digested samples and an ability to accommodate difficult foaming samples.

Hydra’s proprietary high sensitivity detection system is designed to provide exceptional path length for maximum absorption, while minimizing internal volume for high sample throughput. The dual beam detection system employs a high performance feedback-stabilized 254 nm emission source for exceptional stability. This design yields very low limits of detection together with rapid vapor washout for superior sample throughput.

The High Concentration Protection System

To help with the analysis of real world samples, Hydra AF is equipped with an automatic high concentration protection system designed to prevent the cleanup that can be necessary after an analyzer has been exposed to a sample containing high levels of mercury. With this system, if an unknown sample yields an abnormally rapid increase in signal, sample uptake is halted, the liquid and gas lines are flushed to prevent mercury vapor from adsorbing to internal surfaces and the purge process continues until the signal returns to baseline and is stabilized. The offending sample is then flagged on the analysis report and the analysis continues.

Teledyne Leeman Labs’ WinHg software is designed to fully control the analytical process — from Method Development to Final Report Generation — providing the right amount of flexibility, without the complexity, for every operator. In the routine analytical or research environment, WinHg has the features along with the ease-of-use necessary to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Novice users will be brought up to speed using the audio/visual help environment.

Instrument Control

The Hydra software provides complete computer control of all instrument parameters for false unattended operation. All parameters are saved for future use and recalled from the protocol pull-down menu.


Calibration curves are displayed with calculated concentration, deviation, and precision values shown for each standard. Mean intensity and relative standard deviation are calculated based on replicate readings selected. A variety of curve fits is provided including EPA’s calibration factor algorithm.


Real time signals are displayed for each sample or standard measured. Signals are integrated for the designated period and numerical values displayed and saved.

Report Generation

WinHg provides tools to create concise reports. Select the records and the sample parameters you want to include. Choose to output the report to a printer or export it to LIMS.

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