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Zebra Environmental Corporation

Hydraulic Profiling Tool (HPT)


The Hydraulic Profiling Tool (HPT) now allows for economical, rapid, continuous, real-time profiles of soil hydraulic properties in fine-textured to coarse-grained material. The HPT uses a sensitive, down-hole transducer to monitor the matrix back-pressure response to water injection. The probe is advanced through the subsurface via traditional equipment, and relays data to the surface through a trunk line which is pre-strung in the hollow probe rods. Static pressure measurements can also be made by stopping at discrete intervals, allowing users to determine static water levels. As the HPT probe is hammered into the subsurface, it provides a detailed log of the hydraulic properties of the formation. By combining EC (Electrical Conductivity) and HPT, the investigator obtains valuable data on both grain size distributions of discrete soil horizons simultaneously with relative hydraulic permeability.

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