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Hydraulic Rotors


Silo discharge for specialised flat bottom applications. Another silo and bunker discharge machine offered by Saxlund International is the Hydraulic Rotor system. To start its operation slowly the rotor is actuated without the hydraulic system at first. After a delay of about 20 to 30 sec, the hydraulic system is switched on and the rotor arms dig into the stored material and convey it through openings in the silo floor to the metering screw conveyor below. The Hydraulic Rotor discharge is mainly used for wood applications.

  • Working pressure (pre-tension) of arm activation is adjustable by varying the hydraulic pressure (dependent upon the bulk material). Pressure adjustment is possible at any time from the outside
  • Rotor arms are made from solid steel with no special features. They provide reliable operation and are free of maintenance over the whole life time.
  • Low maintenance of all parts inside silo. High reliability creates mass flow of material within the silo.
  • Minimum power = low forces = low wear = low maintenance

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