Hydreka SA - A Halma Company

- Model PTX/PDCR 1830 - Pressure Transducers


Fully submersible pressure sensor for: Potable water network monitoring. Sewer network monitoring. Water bodies monitoring. Aquifer monitoring. It can be used for height/flow calculations : Calibrated dams (weirs...). Venturi channels.

  • Rugged structure
  • Waterproof structure (due to high pressure polyurethane injection)
  • High performance accuracy, stable over extended lifetime
  • Kevlar strain relieved vented cable, supporting more than 50 kg (22.7 lb)
  • Vented polyurethane (Model 1830 - adapted for potable water) Hytrel® 6108
  • (Model 1840-hydrocarbon compatible) cable
  • Titane body for compatibility with aggressive medias
  • Cable clamp system for waterproofing
  • Interfaced with HYDREKA data loggers

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