Hydro Filters



The wet cleaning filter, type with under water tubes, is a  hydro filter with a high efficiency, using the water head to abate dust particles and hydrophilic fumes. The hydro filter is complete of an inlet plenum of dirty air that conveys the same air from the top toward the collecting tank though a range of conveying tubes, appropriately shaped  to get the maximum abatement efficiency. The main functionality is to make fall the solid particles directly to the collecting tank. Following, the slurry will be moved from the first tank to a second tank, located above and having spillways for the separation of the slurry. The settled water will be taken and used in continuous.

Technical features

The hydro filters are built in parallelepiped section, fully welded  in two or more  corps that can be assembled through flanges, in order to have a  easier transport. Moreover, they are complete of  inlet and outlet intakes for the ducts' connection.
The dimension is calculated according to the nominal capacity of the plant. At the bottom of the hopper, there is a collecting tank with spillways, recirculation pump and spillways of internal separation.

Constructive materials

Hydro filters can be made of varnished carbon steel plate, in steel AISI (304, 316 or other).

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