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Model HG-5H3 - Hydro-Jet Agitation System



The Reinco HG-5H3 Hydrograsser is the ideal self-contained machine for the small and mid-sized seeding jobs. The variable speed hydraulic blender agitation system assures a uniform mix throughout the entire load without compromising discharge spray pressure.  Materials are mixed and ready to spray in minutes. Simplicity of design keeps maintenance costs to a minimum. Combining over forty years of experience in this specialized field, and with a commitment to providing high quality, reliable products, your satisfaction can be assured. For dependability and productivity, demand Reinco products.

Compact enough for a 10 foot platform truck, 5000-8000 square foot 'One Step Seeding' capacity and 125 foot spray range, this is the ideal unit for residential, municipal, recreational and small commercial seeding jobs. A full acre coverage using the 'Two Step Method'. Reinco has combined vertical hydraulic mixing with hydro-jet agitation to create this superior performance machine. Hose options are available for up to 250 foot discharge (remote spray) applications.

The Relnco hydraulically operated blender agitation produces a completely homogenous slurry mix without high horsepower requirements
This variable speed assembly is suspended vertically to eliminate tank shaft bearing maintenance.
Engine power is reliably transmitted via flexible coupling directly to the axially adjustable all iron straight centrifugal pump, combining'Hydro-Jet' re-circulation and discharge via common manifold system.
The large charging hatch allows for simultaneous loading of batch materials. The standard 2'anti-aphoning fill is utilized to pre-wet materials
and minimize charging time.
As with any Reinco machine, there are no belts, clutches, chains, sprockets and confusing controls. A novice can operate the machinery as
easily as the seasoned professional.
Tank formed and fabricated of carbon steel sheet to maximize slurry blending. Tank top removable for servicing. Frame and modular components ate formed and fabricated from carbon steel and struclurals, and welded throughout. All piping designed for simplified servicing; full ported drain. Structural ladder, deck and safety railings are fabricated and installed to the oompleled machine.
Two cylinder, 20 hp, emissions certified, heavy-duty air cooled engine. 12V ignition, batlery, flywheel allernator and starter, two stage dry type air cleaner with precleaner, governor and chaff screen are standard. Fuel tank capacity is 6 gallons.
Entire lank interior coated with two component high solids aluminized epoxy Machine primed, sanded and finished with durable lead free Reinco yellow modified acrylic enamel. Platform areas are fabricated from grip strut sections for operator safety. Accessories are plated or epoxied for corrosion resistance. Complete with operational and safety decals.
All Reinco machinery is factory tested and shipped complete and ready to work

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