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- Customized Aeration/Oxygenation


HydroBloom is a customized aeration/oxygenation solution for commercial hydroponic growers that can increases yields. Water saturated with our oxygen-rich nano-bubbles fosters a greater uptake of nutrients by plant root systems, leading to increased growth and health. These modular NBT units are easy to install and can fit almost any tank size. Check out our image gallery where you will also find images of single NBT units and HydroBloom arrays.

HydroBloom utilizes the power of oxygen-rich nano-bubble technology (NBT) to promote the growth of all manner of plants.

  • Depending on your system, plants experience up to 25% faster growth rate and mass.
  • Can decrease electricity usage when part of initial design.
  • Reduces algae blooms in tanks, rafts, and channels.

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