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- Carbon Dioxide Sensor (CO2)


The HydroC CO2 sensor is a unique underwater carbon dioxide sensor for in-situ and online measurements of dissolved CO2.The versatile HydroC CO2 sensor is suitable for platform installations (e.g. ROVs and AUVs), long-term deployments (e.g. buoys and moorings) as well as for profiling applications (e.g. water sampling rosettes).

  • High accuracy
  • Very robust, can be used in water depths up to 6,000 meters
  • Very fast response time
  • User-friendly
  • Versatile - easy integration with almost every oceanographic measurement system and platform
  • Long-term deployment capability
  • ‘Plug & Play’ principle; all required cables, connectors and software are included

  • Analog output: 0 – 5 v
  • Internal data logger
  • External battery packs
  • ROV and AUV installation packages
  • Profiling and mooring frames
  • CO2 flow through sensor for underway (FerryBox) and lab applications
  • External pump (SBE-5T or SBE-5M)
  • Easy deployment together with a HydroFlash O2

  • Detector : High-precision optical analyzing NDIR system
  • Measuring range : Standard calibration is 200 – 1000 µatm (other ranges on request)
  • Weight / kg : 2.2 in water, 4.5 in air
  • Dimensions / mm : 89 x 380 (without connector) 89 x 414 (with connector)
  • Operational Depth / m : 2,000 - 4,000 - 6,000
  • Temperature range : Ranges include: -2°C to +35°C; -2°C to +30°C; -2°C to +20°C; -2°C to +8°C
  • Response time : T63 ~ 60 s (with SBE-5T)
  • Resolution : < 1 µatm
  • Accuracy : ±1 % of reading
  • Connector : SUBCONN® MCBH8-M titanium 8-pin (other connectors on request)
  • Supply Voltage : 11 V - 30 V
  • Power Consumption : Sensor approx. 300 mA @ 12 V (+ approx. 8 W with SBE-5T)
  • Data interface : RS-232C and RS-485; data format ASCII NMEA-0183
  • Software : Windows ® Software DETECT™ incl. real time data visualization, setting of sensor parameters (e.g. measuring intervals, internal data logger settings, sleep mode function) supported by a mission planning tool; data download from internal logger
  • More Info. : **The numbers given here are for a temperature of 20°C. Please contact CONTROS for details.

CONTROS provides all kinds of cables for laboratory and field work, along with subsea power options and a variety of turnkey solutions for underwater sensing. Furthermore CONTROS has broad experience in building customer-specific winches, mountings, and cages for every type of application.

Dissolved CO2 molecules diffuse through a patented thin-film composite membrane into the detector chamber, where their volume is determined by means of IR absorption spectrometry.  Concentration-dependent IR light intensities are converted into output signals.

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