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The Hydroflux GT is a unique product that will remove grease, oils and solids from commercial kitchen wastewater to allow discharge of the wastewater to sewer. It offers a lower footprint than traditional DAF systems and utilises almost half the power.

Advantages of the Hydroflux GT-DAF – exclusively design for food courts

The GT-DAF system is a unique two stage separation device designed exclusively for treatment of greasy wastewater from food courts and other retail complexes. It is based on an enhanced flotation design that offers many benefits over using traditional DAF systems.

  • The system is up to 30% smaller than traditional DAF systems and requires less space
  • The recycle pump uses almost half the power of standard DAF systems resulting in a significant saving
  • A submerged high level inlet with overflow ensures that upstream pipework is not full and subject to possible blockages
  • A specially designed hopper base to allow automatic de-sludging of the system without full draining
  • Designed with solid guarding to prevent splashing during clean down
  • Optional unique integrated demulsificaiton process to enhance grease removal. Chemicals supplied in 15L pales so no bulky deliveries required
  • Consideration for maintenance and service – enclosed sides
  • Fully internally welded stainless steel construction
  • Optional full enclosure to allow ventilation directly from the system when installed in a room with other equipment

When wastewater enters the Hydroflux GT-DAF, it firstly passes through a unique laminar zone where free grease and solids are separated under gravity prior to the addition of the dissolved air recycle stream. This prior separation greatly reduces the size of the dissolved air saturation system and allows fats and greases to separate in a non turbulent zone ahead of the dissolved air.

After the free grease separation stage, the wastewater is subjected to the addition of dissolved air and optional demulsification agents allowing the finer grease particles and solids to be removed.

It is this unique and patented two stage separation process that enables the GT-DAF to use less than half the power of traditional DAF systems and reduce the foot print by over 30%.

The grease blanket on the surface of the system is removed by a robust scraper system and transferred into a mixed sludge tank for disposal.

As each commercial complex is different, the overall GT process will be designed and tailored to suit the available space and conditions in each application.

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