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The PH Series Hydrogen Generators are the ideal alternative dangerous and expensive gas cylinders in your laboratory. Use the Peak Hydrogen Generator for your GC's FID flame source, carrier gas, or your HALL detector's reaction gas. All purities are at 99.9995%. Adjustable delivery pressure 0 - 100psi. Outlet port is 1/8'. Pressure dew point is -70°C/-100°F.

The Peak Hydrogen Generators use a proprietary ion exchange membrane technology to produce hydrogen on demand. The reliability of the membrane is assured due to its industrial and military pedigree.

To produce the highest purity hydrogen that analytical labs require, the Peak Hydrogen Generators employ a platinum catalyst in the electrode area which recombines any stray oxygen before it can contaminate the hydrogen stream.

The generators require only distilled or de-mineralized water and electricity to operate, making these systems safe and easy to maintain. The Hydrogen Generators feature sophisticated control and dual redundancy safety systems, with LED status indicators and audible alarms with automatic shutdown. Complies with all current OSHA and European regulations.

  • >99.9995% consistent purity
  • Dual redundancy safety system
  • H2 produced only on demand
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Internal and external leak detection
  • Visible and audible alarms
  • No handling of caustic solutions
  • Patented technology
  • Hydrogen generation method: Peak Hydrogen Generators use ION Exchange Membrane, not Palladium, for hydrogen generation. Deionized water is required which eliminates the need for caustic solutions.
  • Generator produces hydrogen only to meet your needs: Hydrogen is produced only on demand, and the unit can be switched off and on as often as required. This is not possible with a Palladium-style generator.
  • Output pressure: Peak Hydrogen Generators produce up to 100psi from ION exchange.
  • Other advantages: Fitted with water pump, Flow Indicator, convenient size, and constant output purity.
  • NEW:  New for 2013 is Peak's Precision 500 Hydrogen Generator which offers 500cc / min. hydrogen at 99.9999% for high purity carrier gas applications.  Couple several units together for higher flow requirements.

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