- Hydrogen Release Compound



HRC PRIMER is a less viscous version of the standard Hydrogen Release Compound (HRC) product. It is a thinner, water-like compound that is typically injected into an aquifer where it releases lactic acid at a rate faster than standard HRC (several weeks), but at a slower, more controlled rate than dispersing aqueous simple sugar solutions or straight lactic acid (several days).

HRC PRIMER makes lactic acid more immediately available for fermentation by subsurface microbes. The lactic acid is in turn used by other microbes to produce hydrogen, the key ingredient in the anaerobic contaminant degrading process known as reductive dechlorination. Reductive dechlorination is the mechanism by which chlorinated compounds are biodegraded into less harmful constituents such as ethene and ethane. HRC PRIMER is typically recommended where high levels of competing electron acceptors (CEAs), primarily sulfate, exist and should be reduced to pave the way for a more successful, cost-effective HRC application.

HRC PRIMER, like all of the HRC related products, is typically applied using direct-injection techniques. This pressurized injection process allows the product to be placed into the zone of contamination and pushed out into the aquifer. Once in the subsurface, HRC PRIMER will be metabolized quickly while 'jump starting' the reductive dechlorination process. This material was not designed as a stand alone product but was primarily designed to 'prime' an aquifer for HRC application.

  • A thin, watery, lactic acid based material rated at about 10 centipoise
  • Composition: Lactic Acid and Glycerol
  • Non-hazardous, food grade product
  • Packaged and delivered in 30 lb. PVC buckets
  • Expected shelf-life of material = 3 years

  • Immediate, short-term release of lactic acid (up to several weeks) to 'jump start' anaerobic microbial activity and rapidly establish reducing conditions
  • Short-term source of hydrogen in the subsurface on a single injection
  • Clean, low-cost, non-disruptive application
  • Not limited by presence of surface structures
  • No Operations and Maintenance
  • Faster and often lower cost than drawn out natural attenuation
  • Complimentary product application design and site analysis from Regenesis

  • Types and mass of competing electron acceptors (CEA's)
  • Existing aerobic or anaerobic conditions
  • Contaminant type and mass
  • Subsurface geology (distribution)
  • Depth to groundwater
  • Groundwater flow rates
  • Free product (if present call Regenesis tech services to discuss options)

  • Direct-injection (most common) for source areas
  • Linear barrier injections
  • Straight HRC PRIMER application in excavations
  • Straight HRC PRIMER application in ex-situ soil mixing
  • Fractured bedrock injection using straddle packers
  • Direct application into wells via gravity feed

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