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- Straw Mulch Hydroseeding for Soil Erosion Control



Hydrostroh  is applied against soil erosion and for the protection of the seed against severe weather conditions. In fact, it helps to maintain the soil water balance by reducing the moisture loss by 15-20%.  

During its production, the straw got crushed in order to obtain the ideal fiber length for hydroseeding. It is dust-free so to obtain a top quality product which is both pathogen and weed-seeds free. Thanks to straw fiber length, Hydrostroh gives a better coverage reducing erosion, it is possible to improve the coverage by mixing together 70% Mulch Hydrostroh and 30% Mulch Hydrofibre

Application: it is suitable for every kind of Hydroseeding, protects the soil from erosion, heavy hydroseeding, hydroseeding on reinforced turfs, hydroseeding on flat areas.  

Dosage:  the required quantities depend on the type of work, soil, slope, and climate. From 80g/mq to 200g/mq.

Packaging: 25kg bags, 600kg pallets

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