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- Model ECSB - External Circulation Sludge Bed Process System



With the development of the ultra high rate HydroThane STP ECSB ('Easy as Be' - External Circulation Sludge Bed) process, 2nd generation EGSB, HydroThane has created the opportunity for customers to treat their effluent within limited available space and close to urban areas. The HydroThane STP ECSB design has eliminated noise and odor related issues that were present in other older anaerobic processes.


Characteristics of the HydroThane STP ECSB are:

  • Due to the complete overpressure design of the ECSB process, a (bio)gas holder is not required
  • No need to install any bio/compost filter or other, because all odors or smells are fully integrated into the pressurized and closed biogas circuit
  • The overpressurized design prevents air oxygen entrance corrosion is therefore not possible
  • No complex internals or rotating equipment inside the reactor (no maintenance at all necessary in the reactor)
  • Two layers separation design creates maximal process stability and capacity
  • Fully controlled hydraulic mixing by means of external circulation
  • Loading rates of the ECSB reactor are typically in the range of 15 35 kg COD/m3.day.

ECSB Reactor
HydroThane STP ECSB (External Circulation Sludge Bed) is the 2nd generation of EGSB systems. The system is developed by HydroThane based on more than 25 years of research, development and practical experience in the anaerobic treatment of various industrial waste water streams.

The HydroThane STP ECSB reactor is a two stage anaerobic high rate process. Due to these two stages excellent biomass retention and higher organic loading rates can be achieved in this new developed system by HydroThane.

Waste water streams with high concentration of suspended solids and very 'thin/diluted´ waste water can be treated with the HydroThane STP ECSB process.

Characteristics 'Easy aS Be´

The characteristics of the HydroThane STP ECSB are:

  • Compact and highly efficient
  • Controlled hydraulic conditions under any load situation
  • Special developed Influent Distribution System
  • System operates under biogas overpressure
  • No odor emission points
  • No special start up requirements
  • No complex internals
  • Safe and maintenance free design

The HydroThane STP ECSB Reactor, depended on local requirements and situation, can be constructed in different materials, like:

  • Steel (stainless steel, carbon steel coated)
  • Concrete (round or rectangular)
  • GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic)

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