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- Model SF6 - Laser Gas Test



Portable highly sensitive insulation gas leakage detector based on laser photo-acoustic spectroscopy. Advanced system construction ensures IP65 protection. High sensitivity levels at 1x10-8 cm3/s or 0.02g/year, and a response time of less than 2 seconds. Designed for both indoor and outdoor applications.

SF6 is a man-made gas used in high-voltage switchgear because of its great arc quenching capabilities. Partial discharges and leaks over time eventually cause the SF6 to decompose into highly corrosive compounds. It is therefore essential to monitor the condition of the SF6 to protect the equipment from spark damage and corrosion.

The SF6 Laser Gas Test is a leakage detector that has the ability to achieve a record high level of sensitivity due to its patented principle of laser photo-acoustic detection system. The system can register leakages of SF6 at intensity levels of 1x10-8 cm3/s or 0.02g/year, with determined concentrations of 10ppb to 1000ppm.

Laser radiation source and spectral photo-acoustic detection method provide high SF6 detection selectivity. It reduces the number of false alarms. The system detects only compounds having high absorption at 10.6 µm wavelength. The absorption coefficient of SF6 is 2-3 orders higher than those of other admixtures in the air.

The SF6 Laser Gas Test offers worked-out usability, ergonomy and construction, with the built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 8 hours of continuous operation. Modern and ergonomic design of the handpiece consists of a bright OLED display. whilst anti-sliding elements of the hand grip and large control buttons and trigger, allow for ease of use.

Measured data can be stored in the embedded non-volatile memory of the device in 64 records, with 1000 data points each. Such data can then be read through the USB interface.

  • Wide operation temperature range (- 40°C to + 40°C)
  • IP65 class of protection (in closed conditions)
  • Mechanical schock and vibration resistant
  • Gloved hand friendly operation
  • ROHS and CE compliant
  • Shockproof housing constructed out of light-weighted ABS plastic
  • Sensitivity level of sound signalization can be tuned for better determination of the leakage location
  • Does not require any consumables and periodical calibration service during the warranty period
  • Laser radiation source and spectral photo-acoustic detection method provides high SF6 detection selectivity
  • High response time at less than 2 seconds
  • High readiness time at less than 0.5 minutes

  • High-voltage gear manufacturing (quality control, factory tests etc.)
  • High-voltage gear service (in-field tests and maintenance of installed equipment)
  • Gas filled RF waveguides leakage control
  • Air-tightness control of complex, distributed pneumo- or hydraulic pipe systems

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