Kemisan Klor-Alkali A.S.

- Model HX Series - On-site Mix Oxidant Generator


HX is the Heavy-Duty brother of LX Series with high-end robust materials especially for longer lifecycle projects in hard operational conditions.

  • Product Tank
  • RX and Flow Based Dosing
  • Salt Tank
  • Heavy Duty
  • Dosing Station
  • Continous Production
  • Advanced PLC
  • Water Softener
  • Full Auto Electrode Cleaning

  • HX1000
  • HX15000
  • HX20000
  • HX25000
  • HX30000
  • HX35000
  • HX40000

*100% CI2 Based


Kemisan® has designed different special containers for various sizes and applications. Special containers have special insulation, electrical and process layout, separated rooms, ventilation, etc.

  • Large scaled drinking water treatment plants
  • Large scaled waste water treatment plants
  • Large sized swimming pools and aquaparks
  • Large sized industrial process water treatment
  • Large scaled cooling tower
  • Reverse Osmoses Process water.