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- Model DL101N DL102H - Mixed Bed Resin for Power Plant Inner Cooling Water Treatment



DL101N and DL102H is a mixed bed ions exchange resin dedicated fo» thermal power plant inner cooling water treatment, which is comprised of strongly acidic cation exchange resin and strongly basic anion exchange resin. it is appropriate tor power plant inner cooling ion exchange treatment and alkaiescency ion exchange treatment tt has obvious advantages in technological level over tne method of supplementary condensate water and corrosion inhibitor treatment This technology lies in the passivation tor hollow conductor and the decrease m the corrosion rate ot copper by improving PH value ot the inner cooling water Meanwhile, the ion exchange mixed bed is served as a bypass filler to intercept the existing copper oxide particles and other corrosion products so as to decrease I he likelihood of winding bar blockage.

The effluent waler alter Irealmenl meets (he requirements o1 PH value, electrical conductivity and copper content about DLST801-2002 described in the Technical Requirements tor Large-scale Power Plant inner cooung water and System.

The type 01 mixed bed resin product in ine process 01 inner cooling waier treatment snouk) oe selected accordingly. Due to the ditterence oetween installed capacity n tne generator set and Inner cooling water system, thus tne operating control tor Inner cooling water Is different and tne selection of tne resins should oe also treated differently. DL101N resin is appropriate tot alkalescency Ion exchange treatment The chemical desalted water is considered as replenishment tor Inner cooling water and Is used when PH value Is relatively low DL102H resin Is appropriate tor the method or single or double small mixed bed treatment and used when electrical conductivity for inner cooling water is relatively nigh.

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