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Hyspan Series 9500 Alignment Guides are designed to be installed adjacent to expansion joints and as intermediate guides in steel pipe and copper tube runs to maintain the centerline of the pipe/tube. They are also used in pipe loop systems to provide stability and motion direction control. These state-of-the-art alignment guides are advanced, large-structure, low-mass technology resulting in minimum weight while providing 3-Dimensional alignment using the conservative Spider & Cylinder arrangement.

Pipe or copper tube systems that incorporate expansion joints, ball joints, or loops to absorb expansion must include three additional major elements: main and/or intermediate anchors, supports, and alignment guides. Main anchors are required in systems that include unrestrained expansion joints to react pressure thrust, the expansion joint spring or friction force, and the friction force of the guides and supports. Intermediate anchors are required in systems where pressure thrust is restrained, but the expansion joint or loop spring or friction force, guide, and support friction forces must be reacted. Supports must be designed to react the weight of the pipe/tube and media. Alignment guides are required to maintain the pipe/tube centerline axis to expansion joints and throughout the intermediate portion of the run to also prevent bowing and resist buckling.

The alignment guides requirements for Hyspan products are given in the Applications section of each product catalog. These requirements follow the Standards of the Expansion Joint Manufactures Association, Inc. Expansion joints that do not include internal guides require an alignment guide to be located 4 diameters from the face of the expansion joint, and an additional guide 14 diameters from the first guide. Expansion joints with internal guides require only one alignment guide to be located 10-14 diameters from the expansion joint.

The maximum alignment guide spacing in the intermediate portion of the run is a function of the pipe/tube properties (modulus of elasticity and moment of inertia), the design pressure, and the expansion joint effective area and spring force. Refer to the Applications section of Hyspan expansion joint catalogs for the individual product guiding requirements.

Steel Pipe Alignment Guides

Hyspan manufactures and inventories standard alignment guides for nominal pipe size (NPS) steel pipe from 3/4” through 14” with varying insulation thickness. Construction is heavy gauge pressed steel with precision drilled bolting. All surfaces are coated with protective black enamel paint. Hot dipped galvanizing or all stainless steel construction are also available. In tight spaces, rotated housings are available. The maximum operating temperature is 500°F. All stainless steel construction is also available to provide greater corrosion resistance, higher temperatures, or cryogenic systems.

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