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Hyster® Tire Handler trucks are engineered to help provide fast and cost effective changing of heavy duty large truck tires. For mine operators, maximum uptime of the mining equipment is crucial. Hyster tire handlers are designed for excellent all-around visibility, controllability and maneuverability to facilitate efficient tire removal and replacement services the first time around, keeping the haul truck running.

Featuring a true “plug-and-play” system, Hyster tire handlers are easily installed and assembled on-site. In addition, mines can choose from either a dedicated Hyster Tire Handler or a dual function truck that can quickly disconnect the handling attachment for use as a Hyster Forklift, reducing the number of service vehicles in the mining fleet which can lower operating cost.

  • The Hyster Tire Handler (TH) models are designed to handle capacities up to 36,000 lbs. with tire diameters ranging up to 164 inches.
  • Up to seven easy-to-control hydraulic functions help to accurately position tires, including lifting, tilting, side shifting, clamp / unclamp, body rotation, pad rotation and fall back arm protection.
  • For dual use applications, hang-on quick connect carriage models provide flexibility for use as a tire handler or for some other fork lift activity. The trucks can be reconfigured within an hour.
  • Intuitive operator controls are conveniently laid out and provide convenient actuation of all tire handling functions.

A full line of dedicated and dual use tire handler models are available from 5,000 lbs. through 36,000 lbs. of handling capacity.  View all tire handler models and specs.

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