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- Model HYAB2550 - 50L Belt Drive Home Series Air Compressor



Part of the 'Home Series' of Hyundai electric compressors, a range which encompasses both direct drive and belt drive air compressors, the HYAB2550 model is a belt drive compressor, with a 50L tank and powerful output for all DIY, hobbyist and small workshop requirements. Designed to be portable and easy-to-use, it is part of a well-built and durable range of home use compressors by a brand you can trust for quality.

The HYAB2550 is the smallest belt drive air compressor available in the Hyundai 'Home Series' line-up. It has a 2.5hp electric motor and a compact 50 litre receiver tank. Rugged yet portable, it runs from a single phase 230v electric supply, meaning it will happily run from any regular 13A household supply, making it perfect for home workshop or garage use. With a powerful 7cfm output, which means this machine will run a variety of air power tools, can be used for spraying, body or preparation work, and fine airbrush work is also achievable using the right air attachments.

The HYAB2550 comes with an in-built wheel kit, and dual handle tank for effective portabilty and movement. The advantage of a belt drive air compressor is the air pump runs at around 1200rpm, compared to the high revving direct drive air compressors, and having a slow running pump means that the life expectancy of the compressor in general isextended.

It comes ready to go out of the box, and is as close as you get to 'plug and play'. Designed for indoor use, it has an easy startup and a pre-attached 3-pin UK plug. It has a stable rubber foot for when stationary, and dual handles for easy movement from place to place, and due to it's size and compact nature, getting it from one place to another is a joy, not a chore.

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