Ingeniería Acústica García-Calderón S.L.L. (IAG)

- Model DD5 - Power Amplifier, with Internal Battery, for DODEC


400W power amplifier, with pink noise generator, autonomous (powered by its own batteries) and powerful remote control, for use together with the omnidirectional sound source IAG DD5 (IAG DD5 not included on the price).

Ingeniería Acústica García-Calderón (IAG) launches the new IAG DD400GB power amplifier, extension of the already known IAG DD400G, for use with the ultralight IAG DD5 sound source.

The most important new features of this new version are:

  • It incorporates a lithium battery, high performance and low weight, so it is no longer necessary to search 'in situ' a 230V power main supply, thanks to its autonomy of 2 hours of continuous operation at 80% of its maximum power .
  • Its powerful, digital and stabilized power supply ensures that the sound pressure level of pink noise generated, together with the ultra-light omnidirectional sound source IAG DD5, is completely stable and uniform over time and completely independent the level of noise versius battery voltage.
  • Its new remote control, with 3Km range without obstacles, is able to control the amplifier, without any difficulty, going through one or even several floors of the buildings.
  • Its fast charger charge the batteries up to 80% in just 30 minutes and a small display help us to check the battery voltage level and the estimated % of its capacity (0% -100%).
  • It incorporates a BMS system (Batery Management System), which ensures that there are not overloads or underloads of the battery cells.
  • A forced ventilation system has been implemented, which is activated in case of having to work at high temperatures, or for long periods of time with the sound source operating at high power.
  • it´s lightweight, only 4.5 Kg, including battery and briefcase.
  • Its small dimensions: 34 x 27 x 12 cm, make it easy to transport with maximum portability.

All these benefits are those that users, who perform insulation tests 'in situ', need and want to have maximum productivity, decreasing the time in the performance of each test and maximum freedom of movement and autonomy, being able to perform tests between rooms, or facades, where there is no 230 V power supply.

Users who already have the IAG DD400G power amplifier, have the possibility of making the necessary extension (upgrade) to obtain the performance of the new IAG DD400GB battery amplifier.

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