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- Ethanol Recovery from CO2 Scrubber Bottoms


Scrubber bottom water contains between 1% and 4% ethanol by volume. Significant ICM field research has shown that not all ethanol is reclaimed when the scrubber bottom water is recycled through the plant. Our ICM-designed plant flows show that this ethanol is either: Recycled through the plant as part of cook water makeup, Consumed by ethanol-eating bacteria within the cook water tank, Consumed as organic material by methanator overflow within the cook water tank, Lost within vent/vapor flows from the slurry vent to the emission control system.

Reclamation rates of 99%

The engineers at ICM have developed a new system proven to reclaim more than 99% of all ethanol in the CO2 scrubber bottoms. In most cases this simple, straightforward, cost-appropriate solution will pay for itself in about two years in relation to slurry vent loss.

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