Idroter di Martinelli Francesco

- Model 1000 - Drainage Sack


The simple, lightweight, inexpensive solution for draining horizontal surfaces, with no need for gravel or aggregate.

Applications: green roofs, level surfaces

Operating principle:
the expanded polystyrene chips inside the IDROSAC give the product good resistance to crushing and a large void ratio which capture the water in the soil and rapidly convey it through the geocomposite and towards the drains. The containing sack consists of a non-woven geotextile layer which acts as a soil-water filter; tough square polyethylene mesh panels at the ends allow water to flow radially between sacks.

Sales format:

  • flexible non-woven fabric sacks full of expanded polystyrene chips
  • Bag end height = 300 mm
  • Length = 2.000 mm
  • Width = 1.000 mm

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