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Model IG710S & SR710S - Infrared Reflection Gauges



NDC’s single-sided infrared reflection measurement gauges deliver high-speed, high performance measurements for the coating, converting and paper industries. The IG710S and SR710S non-contacting precision infrared gauges provide high-resolution measurements of coatings, laminates and moisture while scanning a fast moving web. Both of these gauges employ selective infrared technologies that enables barrier layer coating thickness measurement for up to four separate coating components. These measurements are achieved using a single gauge, therefore avoiding the need for hardware-intensive multi-scanner subtractive methods.

NDC’s infrared gauge measurement speed of 7.5 milliseconds is up to 10 times faster than other conventional IR gauges. The IG710S and SR710S are engineered to be unaffected by changes in process and ambient conditions for example:

  • Lighting Fluctuations
  • Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Air Quality (dust, evaporates content etc.)
  • Web Flutter
  • Batch make-down variation

Their patented designs achieve superior accuracy and resolution, which combined with NDC’s TDi (Totally Distributed Intelligence) web gauging system, produces the industry’s best cross-web and machine direction measurement and control results.

The versatile IG710S gauge may be used for measuring moisture, coat weight or coating/laminate thickness on a wide range of paper, board and film based substrates.

The SR710S is specifically engineered for measuring thin coatings on metal foils or metallized paper or plastics based on a unique patented design.

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