- Model TF-34 - Pulse-Jet Thermal Fogger



A compact thermal fogger designed for indoor fogging applications. The TF-34 applies oil based formulations with the standard fog tube. With the optional 'W' water conversion kit, the TF-34 can apply water based formulations.

  • Stainless steel fuel tank and formulation tank.
  • 4140 stainless steel expansion chamber & tube.
  • All other parts contacting solution are made of brass or Teflon.
  • Easiest starting pulse-jet fogger! Has stainless steel air pump assist.
  • Lightweight unit; weighs only 14.5 lbs/ 6,6 kg empty.
  • Optional precision valve made just for the application of Fog Force Bird Repellent
  • Global ISO 9001 Certificate awarded to all IGEBA foggers.
  • Absolutely reliable ignition uses 4 'D' cell batteries - no spark plugs.
  • Convenient stainless steel drain at the bottom of solution tank.
  • Comes with: operators manual (book and CD), maintenance kit, extra dosage nozzles, and more.
  • Lowest NO2 and CO exhaust emissions of any thermal fogger available.

  • Weight Empty (lbs/kg): 14.5 / 6,6
  • Dimensions Inches: 30.7 x 10.6 x 13.3
  • Dimensions Cm: 78 x 27 x 34
  • Solution Tank Capacity: 1.5 G / 5,7 L
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.3 G / 1,2 L
  • Fuel Consumption: 0.2 G hr / 1,1 L hr
  • Max Flow Rate (Oil Base): 6.6 G hr / 25 L hr
  • Horizontal Reach (indoor): 328 Ft / 100 M
  • Ignition Batteries: 4 'D' batteries

Use The TF-34 For:

  • Applying Fog Force Repellent requires optional control valve.
  • Mosquito, gnat, fly and other flying insect control.
  • Disease control through insect, bacterial and fungal control.
  • Mold & mildew control in commercial and residential applications.
  • Hydrate greenhouses, plant nurseries, gardens, etc
  • Fog oil base formulation in nearly any large structure.
  • Apply water based solutions with optional 'W' tube.

Additional TF-34 Options:

  • Special Dosage Nozzle made just for the application of EcoBird Bird Repellent. Select Item # IGEBA NOZ.
  • Additional Water Conversion Kit allows the use of water based formulations. Select Item # IGEBA WCK34.

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