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The CROP-PROTECTOR Ozonation Machines are Ozonating stored gain and thereby terminating infestation with insects, mold, fungus etc. Ozonating means that a low concentration of Ozone is vented trough the grain in a controlled process for a sufficient amount of time to terminate any biologic activity 100%. The CROP-PROTECTOR 03 machines offers frontier anti infestation technology.

Working principle

  • /GRAIN-OZONATOR is a series of machines designed to work in an automated manner, with automatic feed-back control. When the machine is put in place and connected to the aeration inlet of the silo, then the machine executes the 'process steps' automatically:
  • Getting a stable flow of Ozone though the grain mass
  • Obtaining correct Ozone concentration to terminate biologic activity (fungus, insects, etc)
  • Sustain the flow until 100% termination
  • Shut down the proces
  • The ozonation proces is now completed, and the silo can be entered after one hour.

  • Ozonation is much more efficient than traditional fumigation.
  • The Ozonation process will
  • eliminate harmful biological activity 100%.
  • Ozone does not create mutational resistance as Phosphine and other chemicals.
  • Ozone is much safer than traditional fumigants
  • Ozone is much less toxic to humans than traditional fumigants (Phosphine etc.) which causes many lethal accidents.

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