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The iGRAIN SNIFFER is a new technology designed to detect low levels of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) in stored grain. Monitoring the CO2 will give you the earliest possible detection and WARNING if you have any unwanted biologic activity in your stored grain. It will alert you earlier than any other technology such as temperature monitoring.

Superior technology
After years of scientific research we are now launching this exquisite product.

Some consider it ahead of its time. We proudly present it.

Total grain monitoring with a single multi sensor device

The iGRAIN SNIFFER comes in two versions:  iGRAIN SNIFFER-CO2 that detects CO2 and Temperature only.

iGRAIN SNIFFER with multi sensors:

  • Grain temperature
  • Grain moisture
  • Carbon Dioxide, CO2
  • Weather conditions
  • Interfacing to an existing temperature system

Smart phone application

With the smart phone application the user can check on the grain condition at any time

Unique features

Early detection: Any type of biologic activity will produce Carbon Dioxide, CO2.

The iGRAIN sniffer has a very sensitive CO2-sensor, and will detect biologic activity long before temperature sensors.

The CO2 SNIFFER is much more than “early detection”, it is a true multi parameter monitoring and control system. Ideal to monitor single large bins, or be integrated in a network of sensors.
The iGRAIN SNIFFER can interface with existing temperature monitoring sensor systems via the iGRAIN MULTIPLEXER

Control options

The iGRAIN SNIFFER interfaces with the iGRAIN PLC for automatic fan control.

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