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- Temperature Monitoring System



This series of hardware products are all the building blocks required to make a comple SILO MONITORING SYSTEM. It includes the Temperature Sensor Cables, the communication boxes, etc. It also includes all kinds of mounting hardware necessary to install a monitoring system in any type of storage facility; including steel bins, flat storage buildings, concrete grain elevators, etc.


  • Some of the system components are:
  • GRAIN temperature sensor cables in the grain bins
  • GRAIN NET-LINK connection boxes for max. 8 sensor cables
  • GRAIN NET-CONTROL connection box: this box will interface with a maximum of 16 net-links and 128 Sensor Cables

Many other system components will interface with the network

A series of hardware components are very well crafted, and designed to last 20yrs+, the most commonly used components are:
/GRAIN TEMPERATURE SENSOR CABLES: these are the sensor cables that measure the temperatures in the grain bins. They come in
two different sizes, for a max. 30 meter length or a max. 80 meter length.

These connection boxes interface with a maximumof 8 sensor cables, and can be connected in series to form a network, of up to 32 sensor cables pr. NET-LINK.

These connection boxes interface with a maximum of 16 /GRAIN NET-LINK units, hosting a maximum of 128 Sensor Cables. The units can be put in series, and thereby generate a larger network with no upper limits.

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