IM Environmental Equipment Germany GmbH

- Model 1440H - Combustion Gas Analyser


The IM 1440H is the ideal combustion analyzer for professional emission testing! The IM1440H is easy to use and still very rugged. It measures Oxygen O2, Carbon Monoxide CO and other must-have parameters such as Carbon Dioxide CO2, Excess Air and Combustion Efficiency. It can be equipped with up to 4 sensors and comes standard with a CO bypass valve and a purge pump to protect the CO sensor. Another great feature is the high speed thermal printer with an easy paper loading system. Furthermore it has an automatic tightness test to check the pipes of gas fired applications.

    • Easy to operate
    • Large, backlit 4 line display
    • Automatic pressure test
    • Rugged case
    • High speed thermal printer with an easy paper loading system
    • O2, CO2, CO, COu, losses, efficiency, excess air
    • Volume controlled soot measurement
    • Draft / Pressure measurement
    • Differential pressure measurement (opt.)
    • CO-bypass valve with purge pump
    • Diagnostic

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