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For too long aquifers have been considered as an inhexaustible supply of freshwaters. Repeated droughts and the increasing number of diffuse pollution issues such as nitrates and pesticides prove otherwise. So as to implement a real time protection scheme and a sustainable operations plan of groundwaters Imageau provides community managers with the following services:

The design of an aquifer monitoring network

Because each catchment area is unique owing to its geology, the anthropic pressures it faces and the quantitative requirements of the community. 

Our team of hydrogeologists and electronics engineers work out the optimal solution in terms of field instrumentation.
It is a turnkey solution including the selection of sensors, the implementation of monitoring points, the upload of embedded applications data, the online consultation and analysis of data.

The realisation of an operations matrix

In order to always collect sustainable quantities our hydrogeologists can analyse upon request any data logged in by the monitoring network. Thanks to EMI an automated operations matrix is implemented to ensure a sensible, sustainable and optimized use of the aquifer.

The online monitoring of catchment area water quality

Set alert thresholds ensure of no overrunning of water quality standards. This active management enables managers to take corrective action before a point of no-return is reached.

The online monitoring of equipment performance

A borehole is an engineered structure whose characteristics change over time depending on water chemistry, operational status, and hydrogeological features. EMI was designed to monitor the performance of a borehole via several performance indicators in order to detect any early- warning sign of deterioration. Whenever something suspicious is noticed an alert is sent to start off a diagnosis of the structure.

Structure diagnosis

Periodic control and maintenance diagnosis tests are essential to the sustainability of the boreholes. They enable the team to step in as soon as any qualitative or quantitative problem is noticed and thus take necessary measures immediately (regenerate/ restore, replace etc..). Within thiscontext, Imageau hand in hand with the patron select the best service provider, draw up a scope of work relevant to identified issues, carry out the quality controls following service operations and have a critical say with regard to results.

Regeneration and restoration

These service operations are very important to make the most out of the work capacity of the boreholes and make sure there is no degradation of the resource because of a poorly designed or deteriorated catchment system. There are many regeneration and restoration techniques but the main difficulty lies in identifying the issues and then selecting the most appropriate method. Imageau run these operations on behalf of the users and owning communities.

Monitoring of drilling operationsand pumping tests

The drilling of a borehole requires a precise knowledge of local geology, drilling methods and of gear and equipment. Thanks to our multi-field team Imageau have the required skill and expertise to offer its patrons top-quality service as a general contractor whilst at the same time our careful monitoring of punctual subcontractors ensures the effectiveness of their operations. Among the various tasks carried out by Imageau for the implementation of a borehole rig it is worth mentioning :

  • The drafting of the consultation file
  • The selection of a drilling company
  • The list of compulsory technical precision parts
  • The dimensioning of boreholes relative to the vagaries of local geology
  • The supervision of the commissioning
  • Attendance to project-site meetings
  • Drilling works
  • Pumping tests per depth-level and duration
  • Drafting of various progress reports

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