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Model iMet-miniGAS - Multi Gas Sensor for UAV Integration



InterMet is pleased to announce a joint effort with Dr. Jorge Diaz and New Technology Costa Rica to produce a high-performance, in-situ gas sensor for UAV integration.  The iMet-miniGAS can sample up to five gas species using a pump-controlled airflow.

The miniGAS was originally developed for volcano research with an emphasis on CO2, H2S and SO2 but is being enhanced to include sensor options for CH4 and O3.  The device includes a high-sensitivity Edingburgh laser diode sensor plus up to four electro-chemical sensors.  Sensors can be customized to meet user specifications for species and sensitivity ranges. 

The miniGAS includes a rechargeable battery and data logger and has the ability to transmit data in real-time.  It can be flown on fixed or rotary wing UAVs.     

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