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Immersion Heater

Immersion heater Made of Quartz Glass for laboratory and galvanoplastic. Advantages of rod-shaped; immersion heaters, earthed version. Maximum energy transfer; through infra-red radiation – the encasing tube allows infra-red transmission, through heat conduction – the quartz glass encasing tube facilitates an extremely good heat transfer.

Temperature resistance
As quartz glass has practically no heat expansion, these immersion heaters will with-stand termal shock in particular.

Acid resistance
Quartz glass immersion heaters are almost completely resistant to acid attacks, with the exception of phosphorus acid above 300 °C and hydrofluoric acid. Immersion heaters are, therefore, particularly well-suited to heat chemicals directly in laboratories and galvanoplastics.

Electrical Safety
The quartz glass encasing tube is an excellent electrical insulator – protection against electric-shock hazard, optimal electrical safety by means of earthing of the inner tube.

Immersion heaters meet the EG standard 89/336/EWG and EG standard 73/23/EWG.

Aller immersion heaters are delivered with a silicone connection piece and a 1.5 m long cable with earthing contacttype plug of PVC and are designed for 230 V ~.

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