- Model ISR 6-TI Advanced - Infrared Temperature Sensors



Stationary, digital hybrid pyrometer with built-in video camera system and infrared filter for non-contact temperature measurement and display of thermal images in ranges between 700 and 1800 °C. The ISR 6-TI Advanced infrared thermometer combines accurate (2-color) pyrometry and thermal imaging in one non-contact temperature measurement system. It accurately measures the temperature of the center spot and uses an infrared filter to show an autocalibrated thermal image based on the accurate (and to a large extent emissivity independent) ratio pyrometer temperature reading.

The system is based on the high quality 2-color (ratio) pyrometer ISR 6 Advanced in combination with a video camera with a short wavelength infrared filter.

The analog video output signal is converted to USB (using an external video-to-USB grabber) and fed into a PC using the standard pyrometer software InfraWin. InfraWin generates and shows a pseudo-color image from this signal relative to the accurate temperature reading of the central measuring spot (measured by the ratio pyrometer).

The integrated ROI functionality provides the option of defining and evaluating special Regions Of Interest (ROI) within the thermal image. In combination with an optional I/O module, external switching contacts can be triggered based on the temperature data of one or several ROIs.

  • Combination of pyrometry and thermal imaging in a single solution
  • Built-in video camera with short wavelength infrared filter
  • Auto calibration of thermal image relative to accurate pyrometer temperature reading
  • Definition and evaluation of ROIs (Regions of Interest) in the thermal image
  • Inclusive video cable and Video-to-USB grabber for use with InfraWin software
  • “Dirty Window” Warning
  • Very fast 2 ms response time for highly dynamic processes
  • Robust, stainless steel sensor for harsh environments (IP65)

  • Metal Industry - e.g. melting processes, melting furnaces, vacuum furnaces, coating processes, welding processes, induction heating processes, and sintering processes
  • Glass Industry - e.g. glass gob
  • Semiconductor Industry - e.g. sapphire growth
  • Other Industy - e.g. waste combustion

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