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Impact Air Systems have been providing trim collection systems since the early 1980’s and have provided solutions to remove waste materials from production processes in a wide variety of industries.

Typically the systems collect and transport waste trim, off cuts and production waste generated during the production of:

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines and commercially printed products
  • Corrugated or carton board products and packaging
  • Toilet rolls and kitchen towel products
  • Foil or film products such as beverage cans and food packaging
  • Carpet and textile products and even self-adhesive products such as pharmaceutical labeling

  • Remove all types of matrix, including thin films.
  • Eliminates press down time.
  • Avoids print register re-adjustment.
  • Allows faster run speeds.
  • Removes rewind tension problems.

Trim Extraction Process
Material is collected from the production processes or machines and is then transported in a high velocity air stream via range of duct work to a central area where it is prepared for transportation to a recycling facility. This usually consists of a baler, compactor or large mobile storage container.

The system can be incorporated into an existing waste removal system or be supplied as part of a complete centralised system.

Automatic recovery of waste trim from productions machines such as three knife and rotary trimmers, bindery lines, stitch and trim lines, guillotines, folders or reject copy conveyors can not only improve the working environment, reduce H&S risks and fire risks, but are a necessity for the modern commercial printer to help substantially reduce operating costs and deliver machine throughput.

Once collected, the waste is conveyed through a range of purpose designed duct work, neatly integrated into the building to a remotely located plant room or externally located central waste collection area.

Within the plant room the extracted waste is separated from the conveying air stream & deposited into a compactor, bulk trailer or bale press assembly, usually including stand-by facilities.

Matrix Extraction
The Impact matrix removal unit can be fitted on the non-operator side of the printing press. Each unit incorporates a precision trim cutter to cut the continuous matrix into small manageable pieces. The waste can be collected in a central location and removed from site without problems.

Fume Extraction
Impact Air Systems are also able to offer fume ventilation systems to support modern commercial print binders or similar production machines.

Trim Extraction from Digital Print
Impact Air Systems have been providing trim extraction systems for nearly 30 years in a huge variety of applications and removing waste continuous edge trim generated from the modern digital printing presses is no exception.

Material is usually discharged from the digital press in a continuous ribbon form from both sides of the web and the central trim between copies needs to be collected from the press. Our simple, yet effective approach allows multiple machines to be connected to a central waste removal system, keeping the production area free from waste and potentially generating revenue from the recyclable waste paper.

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