IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc.

- Model 1400-IR - 3-4 Cell Flue Gas Analyzer (Measures CO2)



Measures: CO2 (NDIR), O2, CO, NO, NO2 (SO2); draft/pressure; soot; Flue-gas and ambient temperature. Calculates:Combustion efficiency, heat losses, excess air, CO corrected. Comes standard with gas-sampling probe, condensation trap, rugged case,battery, printer, CO-bypass, serial interface, memory, 12VDC.

MEASURES CO2 with NDIR Technology. This latest model does not only measure the most common parameters but also CO2 !!

  • Measures flue-gases of boilers, burners, engines,..
  • Developped to meet the customers need
  • High quality combustion gas analyzer using the latest sensor technology
  • Easy to use and it measures all important parameters
  • Includes all needed features for a complete analysis

  • Illuminated display with simultaneous display of 8 measured variables
  • Languages: D, UK, F, USA, E, TR, etc.
  • 7 programmed and 5 programmable fuels
  • Measurement display is switchable between ppm, mg, mg(O2) and mg/kwh
  • Battery status is shown on the measurement display
  • Interface RS 232
  • Printout of all measured and calculated parameters
  • Electronic controlled soot measurement
  • Automatic and manual CO overflow shut-off
  • Automatic zero calibration within 3 minutes. Recalibration within 30 sec.
  • Integrated self check program for all functions and parameters.
  • After 1000 operating hours a 'Service needed' note appears on the display.
  • Gas sampling probe, length 10.5' (270mm),NiCrNi, flexible hose 11.5 ft. (3,5m)
  • Combustion air probe, length 5' (130mm), line 11.5 ft. (3,5m)
  • Condensation trap with integrated filter
  • Operating temperature 50°F..104°F (10°C..40°C)
  • Storing temperature -4°F..122°F (-20°C..50°C)
  • Power supply  230V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz, 12VDC

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