IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc.

- Model 1400P/PL/PS - 2-4 Cell Flue Gas Analyzer for the Professional



Measures: O2, CO, NO, NO2 (SO2); draft/pressure; soot; Flue-gas and ambient temperature. Calculates:CO2, combustion efficiency, heat losses, excess air, CO corrected. Comes standard with gas-sampling probe, condensation trap, rugged case,battery, printer, CO-bypass, serial interface, memory, 12VDC.

Portable, continuous measuring flue gas analysis instrument housed in an aluminum case for measuring air temperature, flue gas temperature, Oxygen O2, Carbon monoxide CO (H2 comp.), Nitric oxide NO, Nitric dioxide NO2, Sulfur dioxide SO2, Hydrocarbon HC, losses, excess air, combustion efficiency, draft, Carbon dioxide CO2 and soot. Simultaneous display of eight measured parameters on the illuminated LCD. Integrated thermal printer and RS232 interface. Measurement printout or service printout, both include date,time and fuel type. ppm,mg,mg/kWh,mg(ref.O2) units are selectable. Automatic and manual CO-bypass. Memory for 220 measurements. Case has additional space for spare parts.

  • Illuminated display with simultaneous display of 8 measured variables
  • Languages: D, UK, F, USA, E, TR, etc.
  • 7 programmed and 5 programmable fuels
  • Measurement display is switchable between ppm, mg, mg(O2) and mg/kwh
  • Battery status is shown on the measurement display
  • Interface RS 232
  • Printout of all measured and calculated parameters
  • Electronic controlled soot measurement
  • Automatic and manual CO overflow shut-off
  • Automatic zero calibration within 3 minutes. Recalibration within 30 sec.
  • Integrated self check program for all functions and parameters.
  • After 1000 operating hours a 'Service needed' note appears on the display.
  • Gas sampling probe, length 10.5' (270mm),NiCrNi, flexible hose 11.5 ft. (3,5m)
  • Combustion air probe, length 5' (130mm), line 11.5 ft. (3,5m)
  • Condensation trap with integrated filter
  • Operating temperature 50°F..104°F (10°C..40°C)
  • Storing temperature -4°F..122°F (-20°C..50°C)
  • Power supply  230V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz, 12VDC

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