IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc.

- Model 2800-A - Gas Analyzer for Automotive Emissions


Gas analyzer for automotive emissions; Latest sensor technology for a more accurate measurement and a longer life time. Improved interior design for easier service and better unit protection. Measures up to 8 gases. Larger display for better reading. Increased memory. Latest NDIR-technology to measure CO, CO2 and HC. Applications: Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles,  Engines, Turbines, Cogeneration plants .

  • Portable automotive gas analyzer housed in a rugged aluminum case
  • Simultaneous measurement of
    • O2 Oxygen
    • CO2 Carbon dioxide
    • CO Carbon Monoxide
    • HC Hydrocarbons
    • NO Nitric oxide
    • TG Flue gas temperature
    • TA Ambient air temperature
  • Automatic zero calibration
  • Integrated self check program
  • Simultaneous display of 8 parameters on the illuminated display
  • Thermal printer with programmable print-out cycles
  • Standard deviation and average value calculation
  • Serial interface RS232
  • Gas sampling probe E – length 0.8 ft (250mm) , hose 8 ft (2.5m)
  • Power supply 110VAC/60Hz or 230VAC/50Hz

  • H2S sensor
  • Gas sampling probes with different lengths
  • NO2 sensor
  • Soot measurement
  • SO2 sensor
  • Draft measurement