- Model BCS Series - Carbon Adsorber



The IMS BCS carbon adsorber is a once-through activated carbon odor removal system designed to treat hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and organic odors (VOCs) found in municipal wastewater collection systems and treatment processes. Systems can be designed for airflow capacities up to 6,800 CFM (11600 trf/h) in a single bed and up to 20,000 cfm (34000 m3/h) in a dual bed system. Systems are designed (or continuous and automatic operation as well as manual operation as required.

The IMS carbon systems are designed to work with a wide selection of media:

  • Virgin activated carbon media for low odor levels
  • High capacity carbon for higher H2S concentrations

  • FRP Exhaust Fan
  • FRP Transition Duct
  • FRP Inlet Damper
  • FRP Carbon Adsorber Vessel and Exhaust Stack
  • Activated Carbon Media
  • Electrical Control Panel

The exhaust fan operates continuously, pulling foul air from the process area and passing it through the carbon media. A volume control damper at the system inlet allows regulation of airflow through the carbon adsorber.

Inside the vessel, the foul air flows through a densely packed bed of activated carbon. The odorous compounds are removed from the airstream through a combination of physical adsorption and chemisorp-tion. Odorous compounds are physically adsorbed in the carbon pores, and some may undergo chemical reaction to form elemental sulfur and sulfuric acid. This process continues until the activated carbon pores are filled up and the odorous compounds break through and are released out the stack.

  • Superior non-corrosive material
  • Easy to operate
  • Suitable for outdoor installation

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