- Hydraulic relay

INBAR is a control relay featuring large water passages for hydraulic operation of valves, sizes ranging from ¾' to 16' diameter. INBAR relay provides a handle for manual operation and a tube connector for remote hydraulic control. INBAR further provides three tube connectors; one for the controlled valve, one for the line pressure and one for drainage.

Inbar's internal mechanism controls the water passage to the command chamber of the controlled valve, so that it is either connected to the line pressure causing the valve closure, or to the drainage causing the valve to open. The manual handle has three positions:
Position 1 - Opens the valve.
Position 2 - Closes the valve.
Position 3 - Allows a remote hydraulic signal to operate the valve.

  • Maximum operating pressure: 10 atm.
  • Inbar offers three types of springs for different topographic pressure:
      A. Standard spring for up to 10 meters.
      B. Harder spring for up to 20 meters.
      C. Softer spring suitable for low pressure systems, operating in the range of 0,2 atm.
  • The remote command pressure to the INBAR may be lower than the up-stream line pressure of the valve.
  • Example: for a standard spring a command pressure of 1.5 to 2 atm is sufficient to operate the relay with a line pressure of 10 atm at the valve.
  • The INBAR has high tolerance to occasional line pressure drops (as low as zero atm) and will not leak at lower line pressures.
  • INBAR features innovative plug-in fittings consisting of a bayonet adjustment method that requires no sealing materials and enables quick assembly and disassembly.
  • Angle fittings rotate freely to the required direction, without causing leaks.
  • Easy and fast transition of operation from NC to NO position, by only repositioning the fittings without disassembling the tube itself.
  • Easy manual operation even under high-pressure conditions.

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