- Hydraulic Transducer with Electric Control


The 'INBARSOL' is an electric controlled hydraulic transducer, with large water passages, designated to control valves ranging from 3/4' to 16'. Innovative design ensures excellent reliability. Optimized to operate with all types of controllers. Optimized to be mounted on a specially designed manifold, with outstanding and advanced human engineering.

  • The specially designed manifold allows installation of multiple INBARSOL units, side by side, in a compact and aesthetic structure
  • The manifold is equipped with internal water passages, thus ensuring the pressure supply and drainage of each unit separately, without the need for additional pipes and fittings
  • The installation of the INBARSOL on the manifold, and the dismantling, are easy and quick, thanks to the plug in method.
  • The manifold can be mounted on a wall, on a pillar on site, or on the side of the control cabinet.

  • Including a 3-way operating handle
  • Working pressure: up to 10 atm
  • Electric control: 2-Way solenoid: AC , DC , DC LATCH
  • Connections (Fittings) built in 6/8 mm, with a unique Plug- In method with no need of sealing materials. Connectors enable quick disassembly and assembly, as well as free rotation to any desired angle without fear of leakage.
  • Convenient manual operation, also under high pressure
  • Simple and quick transition from NO / NC, by replacing the location of the plug-in connections without dismantling the piping
  • Unique clip, designed for installations on a single valve

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