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- Model I8-20S - General Incinerator



I8-20S incinerator is one of the smallest and easily maintained general incinerators we make. The i8-20S General Incinerator is a simple and effective small incinerator with suitability for various non-hazardous waste types such as wood, paper, cardboard and other uncontaminated materials. The addition of a secondary chamber allows this model to operate without smoke, odours or harmful emissions.

    • Military Operations
    • Remote Housing
    • Boarding Schools
    • less than 70 People Communities
    • Industrial Waste less than 300kg day

    • Combustion Chamber Volume (m3): 0.18m3
    • Burn Rate*: 15-55kg per hour
    • Average Fuel Consumption: 9 kg per hour
    • Operational Temperature: 800 - 1320°C
    • Gas Retention in Secondary Chamber: 0.5 secs
    • Temperature Monitoring: Yes
    • Average ash residue (%): 3%
    • Thermostatic Device: Yes
    • External Length (mm): 1070mm
    • External Width (mm): 660mm
    • External Height (mm): 3580mm
    • Door Size (mm) : 490 x 490mm
    • Shipping Weight: 800kg

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